Who’s Willing to Stop NHCS Superintendent Charles Foust?

by | Feb 27, 2024 | News Analysis, Commentary and Opinion


As of July 2, 2024, Dr. Charles Foust is no longer employed with New Hanover County Schools. Read more about the details of this development.

Reassessing Leadership Amidst Ideological Divides: The New Hanover County School Board Election

As the March 5th school board election in New Hanover County draws near, a bipartisan consensus has emerged among voters on the issue of New Hanover County Schools Superintendent Charles Foust’s leadership. Concerns transcending party lines involve not only Foust’s actions, such as the contentious proposal to close the high school within Mosley’s Career Readiness Program, the push for an immigrant-refugee school, and the implementation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, but also his working relationship with the school board. It’s become increasingly clear that Foust, as the board’s employee, has had several instances of butting heads with and undermining board members, raising questions about his management style.

The strain between the superintendent’s office and the school board has heightened the need to reevaluate the district’s leadership structure. The deep-seated ideological divide over core values and beliefs between Superintendent Foust’s office, the Board, and local educators has resulted in a polarized work environment and a detrimental work culture for everyone involved.

(Below) Video shows NHCS Superintendent Foust expressing frustration with a proposed anti-CRT policy by asserting that the U.S. Constitution was not written for him, after he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.

New Hanover County School Board Election: A Turning Point for Educational Leadership and Values

Republican school board candidates Natosha Tew, David Perry, and Kimberly McDuffy Murphy are the only candidates with the willingness to address the underlying issues of New Hanover Schools’ superintendent leadership. They have not only focused on the immediate, pressing need for a replacement in the superintendent’s position but also the importance of cultivating a healthy working relationship between the superintendent’s office and the school board.

This election is a pivotal moment for New Hanover County Schools, with the superintendent’s position at the heart of wider debates about moral values, philosophical orientation, and administrative behavior. Voters now face the opportunity to reshape the educational direction of New Hanover County, underscoring the importance of selecting candidates who advocate for all-American, commonsense leadership.

Watch: the GOP School Board Candidate Statements on Replacing Superintendent Foust

For the primary on March 5th, five Republican candidates are competing for three spots on the NHC School Board. Of these, three have publicly expressed a strong need to replace the superintendent. This election presents an opportunity for voters who value practical solutions to show support for removing DEI initiatives across county schools.

The following are video segments from a recent school board candidate townhall (sponsored by WECT, WHQR and Port City Daily), presenting the opinions of each the five Republican candidates regarding their position on the removal and replacement of Superintendent Charles Foust.

Natosha Tew

Candidate Tew has been vocal for sometime about firing Foust. At the last school board meeting, she stood up and publicly listed the many reasons why New Hanover School Board could fire the superintendent for cause.

Tew is endorsed by six organizations: Michele Morrow, Liberty First Grassroots, New Hanover County Republican Women’s Club, Carolina Teachers Alliance, Moms for Liberty, and Stand for Health Freedom.

(Below) Video excerpt from this year’s school board candidate townhall when candidate Natosha Tew argues that Superintendent Foust ought to be fired for ‘Cause,’ negating the need for a severance payout.

Kimberly McDuffie Murphy

Murphy was the most adamant of the Republican school board candidates who wanted to terminate Superintendent Foust’s employment.

Murphy is endorsed by Liberty First Grassroots and Carolina Teachers Association.

(Below) Video of Kimberly McDuffie Murphy presenting her position on dismissing Superintendent Foust, should she win a seat on the New Hanover County School Board.

David Perry

At the candidate townhall, Perry stated that buying out Superintendent’s employment contract, which would be $250K (one year’s salary), would be money well-spent in getting rid of an ultra-left liberal superintendent.

Perry is endorsed by Liberty First Grassroots and New Hanover County Republican Women’s Club.

(Below) Video clip of David Perry explaining why Superintendent Foust ought to be removed from New Hanover County Schools.

Aubrey Tuell

At the school board candidate townhall, Aubrey Tuell’s stance on dismissing Superintendent Foust was unclear. She mentioned having feelings about the issue but didn’t specify them, then discussed a chain of bullying from the district’s central office to teachers. She also stated that she was “displeased with the renewal of his contract,” that there’s a process that needs to be followed. Despite ample time, Tuell never clearly stated whether she would vote to fire Foust once elected to the NHCS school board.

Tuell is endorsed by Tide Turners NC.

(below) Video of Aubrey Tuell answering the question on whether she would fire Superintendent Foust.

Nikki Bascome

During the February 2024 school board candidate townhall, Nikki Bascome expressed that although Foust has done “questionable things,” she does not believe it is the appropriate time to terminate his employment. She argued that terminating him for ‘cause’ could lead to expensive legal proceedings. Bascome didn’t address the option of just buying out his contract, which would be one year’s salary — approximately $250K.

Also during the townhall, Bascome expressed her support for DEI initiatives, excluding the aspect of Equity. However, it appears Bascome does not understand that DEI is derived from Maoist-Marxist ideas, and cannot be selectively embraced or rejected like options on an à la carte menu; it is Communism served as a complete meal.

Bascome is endorsed by Tide Turners NC.

(Below) Video segment from last week’s candidate townhall where candidate Nikki Bascome explains how she, if elected, would not fire Superintendent Foust.

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