Battleground New Hanover 2022: Communist-leaning Org Massing Personnel, Resources for Mid-term Elections

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(Featured image above) September 2021, Members of New Hanover For All chapter of Carolina Federation meet to decide on candidate endorsements for the New Hanover County Municipal elections.

Far Left to Back More Local Candidates Soon for 2022

The North Carolina-based, pro-Chinese Communist Party organization Carolina Federation is expected to go head-to-head with New Hanover County Republicans at the ballot box this November. If their PAC’s financial filings are any indication, they’re on the war path to expand their political foothold in Southeastern North Carolina.

This November will be Carolina Federation’s third election under the New Hanover For All banner, and as they did in at least one previous election cycle, New Hanover for All will use canvassers to push their endorsed candidates. This year, however, the group will be ramping up their efforts with professional staffers, using the large war chest they amassed last year.

Photos (above) show New Hanover For All canvassers promoting Kyle Horton’s 2018 Congressional bid.

Images above present two endorsed candidates from past elections: Stephanie Kraybill (R) and Harper Peterson (D). Kraybill won her bid and is the current Chair of the New Hanover County School district.

Carolina Federation: Full-time Positions for Guilford and New Hanover Counties Available

In February, Carolina Federation posted job openings on their website for ‘engagement canvassers’  in Guilford and New Hanover Counties.

This document, provided on their website, goes into great detail about the position:

  • It’s a full-time, salaried position starting at $720 per week.
  • It includes employer-paid health insurance.


Who is Carolina Federation?

Carolina Federation is a brand of the Liberation Road spin-off from Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). FRSO is an ultra-left, Marxist/Communist-leaning organization founded in 1985. FRSO website. This article shows their definitive support for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Per Wikipedia,

The FRSO was founded out of a merger between the Proletarian Unity League and the Revolutionary Workers Headquarters in 1985. It then fused with the Organization for Revolutionary Unity in 1986. It later absorbed other groups, including the Amílcar Cabral–Paul Robeson Collective in 1988 and the Socialist Organizing Network in 1994.

Liberation Road (formerly known as “FRSO/OSCL”) was considered to be the “Left Refoundation” wing of FRSO. They splintered from FRSO because the parent group was not as politically active as they desired. Liberation Road is much more radicalized and has adopted the modern Black Liberation ideology into their core ideals. Their own words describe the circumstances behind their split.

The following video presents the history of Carolina Federation and their New Hanover For All chapter’s  influence on elections in New Hanover County, NC.

Liberation Road and their Fight Against the “New Confederacy”

Shortly before the COVID epidemic, a draft document titled, “2019-2022 LIBERATION ROAD STRATEGIC ORIENTATION,”  was leaked from the Liberation Road organization. It describes members of the Republican Party as “New Confederates,” having established a modern version of the Confederacy in the Southeastern U.S. The document lays out a Leftist strategy, calling for a “United Front” to defeat the New Confederacy by “building independent political power and organization.”

Carolina Federation is the organization that was created to defeat the New Confederacy. Over the last few years it has established home-grown Leftist chapters across NC. These chapters include:

  • Guilford for All
  • New Hanover for All
  • Forsyth Freedom Federation
  • Durham for All

Carolina Federation has proven to be much more than the Libertarian Party of the far left. They’ve proven that:

  • they’re highly organized;
  • they can raise 5X more funds for candidates than the Local GOP and Tide Turners combined; and,
  • their candidates are winning elections.

Carolina Federation is a political force that needs to be macerated. Their candidates are winning elections. Not all, but some. It is a long game and they continue to effectively demonstrate that they know how to play it.

New Hanover For All: a Carolina Federation Chapter

2021 New Hanover 4 All meeting members voting to endorse municipal candidates

Above: Group photo of New Hanover For All’s 2021 municipal candidate endorsement team meeting at Long Leaf Park, Wilmington, North Carolina. First row, far left: Steve Lee of Leading Into New Communities (LINC). First row, far right: Vanessa Gonzalez, immigration attorney at Law Office of Vanessa Gonzalez.

Past Candidates Endorsed by New Hanover for All

As an official chapter of Carolina Federation, New Hanover For All has endorsed the following local candidates (with the result status for the election).

  • Stephanie Kraybill (R) (won), New Hanover County School Board
  • Stephanie Walker (D) (won), New Hanover County School Board
  • Jonathan Barfield (D) (won), New Hanover County Commission
  • Leslie Cohen (D) (lost), New Hanover County Commission
  • Deb Butler (D) (won), North Carolina House District 18
  • Marcia Morgan (D) (lost), North Carolina House District 19
  • Harper Peterson (D) (lost), North Carolina Senate District 19

A Communist Organization that Turns Americanism On Its Head

In an age when the education system is hijacking our kids’ minds to usher in a new “Liberal World Order” and the cultural war machine in Hollywood constantly assaults our minds with far left drivel, Communist organizations like Carolina Federation are convincing too many of our friends and neighbors that these Communist “goals” are democratic principles when in fact, they are not. Here are examples of modern Bolshevik agitprop:

  • Structural change is necessary
  • Disruption of the family unit is a priority
  • Corporations are the cause of injustice
  • Reliance on government for our basic needs is a societal goal
  • Redistribution of resources is a democratic ideal
  • Illegal immigration is a human right

The following are slides from New Hanover For All’s Facebook page. They are very open in what they seek to achieve, are extremely strategic and have forged allies nationwide.

Below: In the following slides, New Hanover For All describes what they believe in their own words. Click an image to enlarge.

Carolina Federation is Set to Go Full Steam Ahead

In regards to their financing, almost all of Carolina Federation’s donors are from outside of NC — a good portion from California. Their continued success rate in getting far left candidates elected has no doubt helped them reach larger fundraising goals with each consecutive election. They show no signs of slowing down their efforts.

Now would be the time for patriots to step up and raise funds for their preferred candidates. Learn more about New Hanover County GOP candidates at their website.

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