Did Brunswick County GOP Chair Bill Moore Turn Against Allison Dunlap for Pursuing Voter Integrity?

by | Mar 8, 2022 | News, Special Reports

Brunswick County GOP: Do What We Want You to Do, or You’re Done.

Is Brunswick County Republican Party Chairman Bill Moore just as hostile as the Far Left to America First Republicans when it comes to voter integrity?

Is the NC GOP really interested in tackling voter integrity?

There are more questions than answers in the Cape Fear region on the GOP’s election integrity stance.

Last week, Allison Dunlap (former Leland city council candidate) was interviewed by David K. Clements on The Professor’s Record podcast. Dunlap stated she was doxxed and intimidated by her own GOP party leadership for the voter integrity canvassing efforts she organized in recent weeks. She said liberal news outlets, as well as the County Republican chairman, Bill Moore, laid claims that she and her group were possibly involved in acts of voter intimidation and racist harassment after a WECT report in February.

In reference to a one-on-one conversation she had with Bill Moore, Dunlap stated Moore was dictatorial, that he made demands on her, “do what we want you to do, or you’re done… Just wait until you see what comes out next week.”

What came out was a hit piece published by Far Left leaning DailyKoz.com on the canvassing efforts organized by Dunlap.

According to WECT, a recent email sent by Chairman Moore to Brunswick County’s general Republican membership stated,

“The NBRC [North Brunswick Republican Club] leadership had scheduled their people and others to do door-to-door canvassing under the umbrella of another organization.

“These actions have caused the Republican Party to be attacked as being racist and trying to suppress voter turnout, though the Republican Party had no part in the planning or execution of the event.”

The video above is Allison Dunlap’s interview with David K. Clements.

What is Canvassing?

Canvassing is the method of going door-to-door across neighborhoods to confirm that names and information on voter rolls correctly match with real people. Canvassers ask individuals non-partisan questions such as:

  • Are you registered to vote?
  • In the last election you voted, by what method was your ballot cast: by absentee mail, in-person early voting, curbside voting, etc…?

Safeguarding Our Voting System

Dunlap says she wants to ensure that everyone’s vote is protected. She says her canvassing efforts were sparked by a training conducted at a county GOP headquarters by a Telegram group called NC Audit Force.

“We want to ensure that nobody’s vote is disenfranchised,” Dunlap says.

She also states that everyone who is trained by NC Audit Force is interviewed and undergoes a background check prior to any canvassing efforts.

When asked by show host David K. Clements as to where things should go from here, Dunlap answered,

“There are two things here that I believe…

“And that is making sure our GOP has restoration with integrity, transparency, and that they are actually sticking to the platform they claim. So, that’s number one.

“Number two is our elections. So, with the GOP and where I’m at with them right now, is: we had an emergency meeting and the County and the Club are now at odds. We have two Republican Parties now here in our county. Now, the county is blaming it on the State. And so I have sent [a question]to the state: I’d like to know where this initiated from…? The County is now saying that it is the state that is doing this. But I also hear otherwise. There needs to be transparency and accountability in our own party. And so my question to them is: If it was the state, which I hope that it wasn’t, but if it was, why did nobody call me and ask me my side of the story? Or ask me any questions? Or even have a hearing with me to figure this out? Why did they immediately side with the Left Wing media on this? And if they’re willing to do this to me, then they’re going to be willing to do this to other people.

“What happens when people go canvassing, just to even door-knock for candidates, and now somebody calls harassment or voter intimidation or racism? Are they (the GOP) going to do the same to them? Because if they are, this is setting a very dangerous precedent if they’re not going to back their people.”

“This is an American issue,” Dunlap said in her interview. “Our whole system has flipped on its head. The only thing we can do is flip it back.”

“This issue isn’t going away, whether they (the GOP) like it or not,” said David Clements.

Does GOP leadership across the Cape Fear region want real election integrity? Judging from their actions, the GOP in both Brunswick and New Hanover counties don’t seem very serious about it.

This March 4th WECT report is a follow-up to their original report in February.

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