Biden’s Apocalypse Now: Democratic Party is Now in Free Fall

by | Jun 30, 2024 | News Analysis, Commentary and Opinion

Biden’s Debate Performance Sparks Serious Concerns in Democratic Circles

Last Thursday’s debate left many Democrats deeply concerned about President Joe Biden’s performance. Political pundits have described it as possibly the worst debate performance by a presidential candidate in modern history. Biden’s poor showing has raised alarms within the party, as they fear the repercussions could extend beyond the presidential race and significantly impact down-ballot campaigns. Observers noted Biden’s stumbling responses, frequent pauses, and lifeless stares gave the impression of a cognitively impaired man struggling to coherently articulate his thoughts.

Over the weekend, several unconfirmed reports stated that several of Biden’s major donors are pulled their financial commitments from his campaign. If true, loss of financial support from both large and small donors would cripple the campaign’s ability to make its case for Biden.

Democratic strategists are also particularly worried about tight races in battleground states, where even a slight dip in support for Biden could tip the scales in favor of Republican candidates. They fear that the fallout from the debate performance could reduce Democratic voter turnout on election day, potentially leading to significant gains for the Republican Party at all levels of government.

(Below) During Thursday’s presidential debate, Biden gave blank looks and incoherent answers to moderator questions.

Joe Biden looking lost during debate

Weekend Political Analyses: Intelligent Perspectives

Below are some of the most thoughtful analyses from over the weekend. Each of these political observers offer a unique perspective.

(Below) Megyn Kelly had Steve Bannon on her show, ‘The Megyn Kelly Show,’ on Friday to discuss Biden’s campaign situation.

(Below) Sunday morning, NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ provided a synopsys of Biden’s viability to continue as a candidate.

(Below) Saturday, members of the ‘All In’ podcast, all venture capitalists, address Biden’s cognitive inability and he should be removed and replaced immediately.

(Below) Sunday, Scott Adams, best known as the author of the ‘Dilbert’ cartoon series unpacks the debate.


Sunday afternoon, June 30th, political commentator Bill O’Reilly makes unconfirmed claim that Joe Biden has decided not to run for re-election.

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