Why Today’s Hamas ‘Day of Rage’ Highlights the Need for Ongoing Vigilance: Understanding Global Terrorism Threats

by | Oct 13, 2023 | News Analysis, Commentary and Opinion

(Featured image above) University of North Carolina students rally in support of Hamas.

The Shadow of Hamas’ Global Jihad

Today is the day Hamas called for a worldwide “day of rage,” a call made even more alarming by a stabbing incident in France that left a Jewish teacher dead and an Israeli diplomat in critical condition. While the immediate sense of urgency is palpable, our focus should extend beyond just today.

(Below) CAUTION: GRAPHIC IMAGERY. This video contrasts two knife attacks on October 13, 2023, after Hamas’ call for a “day of Jihad”—a fatal assault on a Jewish teacher in France, on the left, and an attack on an Israeli diplomat in China, on the right.

FBI’s Inconsistent Messaging

FBI’s stance yesterday seems puzzling; they first claimed that there is no “credible threat” of terrorism in the United States. Then, they actively coordinated with local law enforcement agencies for an attack on U.S. soil today. Such contradicting messages indicate that the potential for a “day of rage” in the United States should be taken extremely seriously.

Law Enforcement Insider’s Take: Dan Bongino’s Perspective

Yesterday, former New York City police officer and commentator Dan Bongino discussed the situation. Bongino emphasized that if the NYPD is requiring all officers to report in uniform, they likely have information that calls for such an extraordinary measure.

Bongino elaborated,

“There are levels of mobilization. Now, I don’t know what this level of mobilization was; I’m hearing it was one of the higher level ones. This is typically a big deal.

“…The NYPD does not call this often. So, they probably know something. And the NYPD— the members of the NYPD, the detectives, a lot of first grade detectives, second graders as well, These guys — I would make the case to you, strongly, are some of the best terrorism investigators in the world because they’re in the terrorism part of the world, which is New York City. Which is always number one or two on any threat level.

“Now, these are guys feeding the information. The NYPD is one of the few police departments around the country that has a direct channel to overseas intel outlets. Something a lot of people don’t know. They don’t go to the federal government — they can and they do, but they can go around them and use their own channels, and they will.

“…If they’re ordering all their cops to report in uniform, and let’s just say this is a level 1 mobilization, folks, they know something. They definitely know something, and they know something serious.”

(Below) Dan Bongino, as a former NYPD officer, provides an insightful perspective on Hamas’ call for a global day of Jihad.

The Terrorist Strategy of Diversion

Bongino also warned against the tactics terrorists often use—creating diversions:

“These terrorists are known for head-fakes. …sometimes what these guys will do, these terrorists, they’ll call for the obvious, ‘Friday the 13th there’s gonna be a mass massacre,’ and then nothing happens. …and then what happens, the next Friday they commit.”

Remain Vigilant Beyond the Day of Rage

Given Bongino’s insights, it becomes crucial to consider that terrorists could strike on a day different from the one they publicly declare. While today’s threat must not be underestimated, remaining vigilant in the days to come is equally essential.

As we navigate through the day Hamas has tagged for global jihad, the question remains: should we also be worried about the days that follow? The divergent messages from the FBI, insights from a seasoned police officer, and past tactics of terrorist groups suggest that our vigilance should not be limited to today but must extend into the future.

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