Josh Stein Announces Run for North Carolina Governor, Slams ‘America First’ Republicans

by | Jan 27, 2023 | Elections

Josh Stein is the First to Announce his Gubernatorial Candidacy

On Wednesday, January 18th, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein (D) announced he will be running the 2024 North Carolina gubernatorial race. As part of his announcement, his campaign circulated a video that presented a summary of who he is, while aggressively attacking Mark Robinson and America-first Republicans.

On Wednesday, January 18th, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein announced he will be running the 2024 North Carolina gubernatorial race. Below: Stein’s video announcing his run.

Stein is looking to succeed fellow Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, who is termed out and cannot run again.

Stein announcement video with:

“It was a couple of hours before dawn, a cold February morning in 1971 in Charlotte’s West End. Julius Chambers, James Ferguson, and my dad, Adam Stein were leading the legal battle against discrimination and for equality when their office was firebombed and burned to the ground.

“I’m Attorney General Josh Stein, and I learned early on that some things are worth fighting
for, no matter the opposition. 

“Today, there’s a different set of bomb throwers who threaten our freedoms and our future. While some politicians spark division, ignite hate, and fan the flames of bigotry, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson suggested that God calls men, not women, to leadership positions.”

As Stein’s promo video plays, it presents re-enactments of criminals throwing Molotov cocktails, and then, transposes those images with January 6th video and clips of Lt. Governor Mark Robinson at a church sermon saying that ‘men’ should lead.

The first half of the video was a hit piece on MAGA and Robinson — Stein’s most likely competitor on the Republican side. Later, he mentions taking on Medicare fraud, remedying the rape kit backlog, and taking on the opioid epidemic. The second half of the video is what many would consider a list of typical politician platitudes,

“My faith teaches me that we’re all children of God, and that we’re called to make a difference. This is our moment to protect our freedoms and democracy, provide every child a great education, and expand economic to every corner of this state; because if you work hard, where you come from should never limit how far you can go.”

For all his blustering, Stein doesn’t touch upon the 900-pound gorilla: the COVID lockdown and all the corruption behind this government-sponsored power grab.

Josh Stein, We have Questions

Although Stein comes out of the gate swinging, he completely misses the big issues North Carolinians care about. Here are some questions we have for Stein:

  • Are you investigating  North Carolina State University for their gain-of-function viral research and its connection with the COVID-19 virus?
  • What is your stance on the perpetual COVID-19 ‘state of emergency’ power-grab by Governor Cooper, that lasted for years?
  • Why didn’t you defend rights of business owners when municipalities were shutting them down? Why aren’t you going after employers who force experimental vaccines onto their employees?
  • Why aren’t you pushing for a moratorium on mRNA tech use on the general public?
  • What are you doing to prevent all the COVID-19 kickback fraud?
  • What are you doing to fight human trafficking? And the massive influx of illegal aliens into the State of North Carolina?
  • How many ANTIFA/BLM members did you prosecute and send to jail for participating in the 2020 Summer of Love riots?

Josh Stein isn’t a Shoe-in to Represent the Democratic Party

Although Stein is the leading contender to represent the Democratic Party in North Carolina’s Gubernatorial ’24 race, there is speculation Michael Regan, Biden’s appointee to the EPA, may be willing to leave his job and run for Governor. Regan hasn’t made an announcement yet, but we’ll see what happens.


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