Lin Wood Blows Intel UP: Global Intelligence Agencies Actively Blackmail Powerful Individuals

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Lin Wood, News, Special Reports

Claims of Massive Child Trafficking, Rape and Killing Ring Run by Government Agencies and Public Figures

This is a live blog post covering BREAKING NEWS. There’s much data to this story. Stand by for additional information.

On New Year’s Eve, 2020, Lin Wood dropped a bombshell accusation: Jeffery Epstein is still alive.

Now, in the early morning hours on the East Coast today, Lin Wood, again, drops a sequel to his New Year’s Eve message. His statement is laid out across a series of Tweets.

Claims of Video Clearly Identifying Key Public Figures

In summary, Wood lays claim to a massive blackmail scheme conducted by an international child sex trafficking crime organization; a crime syndicate baked into our federal government involving many prominent officials and three-letter agencies.

Key figures involved include: Mike Pence, Jeffery Epstein, John Roberts and others.

Agencies involved include: CCP, CIA, Mossad, FBI, MI6, and others.

Wood is claiming to have secured damaging evidence in the form of written documents and video on encrypted computer media, which easily identifies those involved. These files were obtained by a group called “Lizard Squad” through the hacking of one of the three-letter agencies.

List of this series of Lin Wood Tweets in Chronological Order

Lin Wood’s Tweets are quite extensive, and shocking if true. Scroll down to the bottom to read from where he begins.

(most recent at top)

Stand by for more information…

Screenshot of Lin Wood’s tweet in case Twitter removes original.
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