Lin Wood: China & U.S. at WAR; Expect Emergency Broadcast System to Light Up

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Best of the Web, Lin Wood

L. Lin Wood Lets Loose on the Info Bombs

Last Thursday, Lin Wood appeared once again as a guest on Clay Clark’s Fireside Chat podcast. And as usual, Wood has more shocking things to say:

  • U.S. is at war with China and Iran, and prepare for the worst.
  • China is using unconventional war against U.S. through COVID, cyber attacks, civil war.
  • Main stream media is completely untrustworthy; other sources of information need to be relied upon for truth.
  • The 25K troops in D.C. “has nothing to do with riot control.”
  • Americans will need to fight for free speech like those behind the iron curtain did.

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