WATCH: President Trump Rally in Wilmington, North Carolina

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Elections, News

Feature photo (above) was taken at an October, 2020 campaign rally in Florida.

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Watch live: Trump to speak at ILM airport.

On September 24, 2022 Wilmington Welcomed Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump stopped in Wilmington on his “Save America” tour.

The event was held at the Aero Center Wilmington at the airport, speakers included:

  • U.S. Congressman Tedd Budd;
  • U.S. Congressman David Rouzer;
  • North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson; and,
  • Mike Lindell.

10,000 people attended the rally.

Time of Events

8:00AM – Parking Lots, Vendor Row, and Registration Open

2:00PM – Doors Open

4:00PM – Special Guest Speakers Deliver Remarks

7:00PM – 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks

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