Mike Lindell Lays Out the ‘Absolute Truth’ on the 2020 Election in a 2-hour Documentary

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Best of the Web

Late last week, Mike Lindell released a two hour documentary covering the 2020 Presidential Election and allegations of fraud. Lindell structured the doc into four compelling parts:

  • An Overview of “traditional” methods of voter fraud in battleground states (i.e., under-age voting, dead voters, out of state voters, etc.,..);
  • Evidence of voting machine ballot manipulation at the county and precinct level;
  • Evidence of voting machines designed with the intent to manipulate votes remotely;
  • Evidence of  malware inserted into machines and remote tally manipulation by malicious actors located in foreign countries during election.

As Lindell presents each area of election fraud, he presents expert testimony and supporting documentation. Lindell’s allegations are compelling. And if his evidence is bona fide, a serious investigation needs to take place.

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