New Hanover County’s Most Draconian Mask Mandate Yet, Coming August 20th

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The New Hanover County Health and Human Services (HHS) board passed a new face mask mandate on Tuesday. Starting August 20th, residents will be under the strictest mask mandate yet.

This mandate applies to all indoor public places in New Hanover County; including office buildings, public transportation facilities and vehicles, and any place the public is invited or allowed to assemble. This mandate applies to everyone 2 years of age and older, regardless of vaccination status.

The order and list of exemptions are listed on the county’s public notice.

Methods of Enforcement

Although the mask order encourages ‘warnings’ before criminal action, enforcement will allow ‘Compliance Officers’ (designated county staff and law enforcement) to issue criminal violations under North Carolina General Statute 130A-25. 

A Heavy-handed Mask Mandate

Someone convicted under the cited NC statute in the mandate may be imprisoned up to 2 years in a sanitorium, such as McCain Hospital; and that person is be subject to a misdemeanor charge.

Further, this abatement and proposed health order would allow authorities to immediate closure of facilities in a tiered system.

Also, obstructing or making false statement to compliance officer would be treated as a Class 2 Misdemeanor, carrying up to a $1,000 fine and 60-day sentence.

They’re Looking to Hear from You!

We have been informed that the county is looking to receive public comments on this new mask order.  Download the contact list (click button below) and reach out to your local HHS board member. Tell them how you feel about this new mandate.


Meanwhile in Australia…

Mask Mandates

There, the Mask Mandate is taken to another level.

Force Vaccinations

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