Former NHRMC Nurse Morgan Wallace Truth-bomb: COVID-19 Deaths Should be Considered “Murdered”

by | Jan 7, 2022 | News

Morgan Wallace Nurse Practioner Permanently Pulls Son out of Public School System

A few days after testifying — and being the only licensed medical provider to speak to the NHCS school board about the dangers of masks and COVID-19 vaccines on children — Morgan Wallace permanently pulled her child from the school system.

Under the direction of Chair Stephanie Kraybill, the New Hanover County school system cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

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Former NHRMC Nurse Morgan Wallace makes statement on January 4, 2022 at the New Hanover County school board meeting where the board voted to reinstate a mask mandate for everyone on school premises.

Stunning Fact: NHCS’ Health Policy is Made Without Any Licensed Medical Provider Consult

At the New Hanover County Schools January meeting, nurse practitioner Morgan Wallace stood up and gave a fiery statement against mandatory vaccines and masks, especially on school children.

Bombshell revelations

Morgan’s 2-minute address to the School Board introduced serious accusations that need to be confirmed:

  • Morgan is the only medical provider in the metro-area administering a COVID-19 prevention protocol — above and beyond masking, vaccinations and quarantines?
  • NHRMC’s COVID-19 treatment protocol (under both County and Novant ownership) has been and continues to be medical malfeasance, causing preventable injury and death for countless patients under their care.
  • Many local doctors are providing inadequate or no outpatient service for COVID-19 patients.
  • Vaccines are dangerous. Local medical staff who have taken COVID-19 vaccines are experiencing serious injury.
  • The New Hanover County School Board does not consider medical advice from NC Licensed medical professionals as part of their decision-making process on COVID-19 decisions (quarantines, masking, vaccines). 

NHCS is Required to Vote on Mask Mandates

Every month, as prescribed by law, the New Hanover County Schools (NHCS) is required to vote on whether to have a mask mandate or not. On January 4th, 2022, NHCS voted to reinstate the mask mandate on all students and all others who are on school property.

Prior to Tuesday’s meeting, the School Board received no medical advise was given from any NC licensed nurse or physician prior to their most recent vote. During the meeting, New Hanover County’s Health Director, David Howard, and the county’s Assistant Health Director, Carla Turner, presented the most recent county statistical COVID-19 information (i.e., infection rate, hospitalizations, vaccination rates, etc…). Director Howard stated pediatric COVID-19 cases are not severe.

According to a North Carolina Medical Board search, neither David Howard nor Carla Turner come up as a licensed medical provider of any sort.

No medical license for David Howard

(The above screenshot presents a NC license search showing no one named David Howard is registered to practice medicine in New Hanover County. According to this database, County Health Director Howard is not licensed to practice medicine. )

No medical license for Carla Turner

(The above screenshot presents a NC license search showing no one with the last name of Turner is registered to practice medicine in New Hanover County. According to this database, County Assistant Health Director Carla Howard is not licensed to practice medicine. )

We reached out to a NHCS board member for comment on the specifics of the medical advice they’re receiving. At time of publishing, we had not received a response back.

NHCS’ Board Voted Against the Advice of the Only Medically Licensed Presenter at the Meeting

Nurse Practitioner Morgan Wallace presented a fiery speech last Tuesday. In her appeal to the Board of Education she stated her credentials and that masks don’t work, vaccines are presenting a high rate of injury, and the board should not be mandating either one of these options.

After Wallace’s plea to the board to do the right thing, the NHCS Board of Education listened to a presentation by Julie Varnam, David Howard, and Carla Turner. They then voted to ignore the only medical provider at the meeting and take the advice of the unlicensed presenters: masks to be mandatory on all children until the board’s next monthly meeting.

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