VIDEO: Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Addresses the NRA on the Right to Bear Arms

by | Jun 4, 2022 | News

(Photo above) Mark Robinson spoke at the annual NRA convention in May, 2022. 

“We will not allow you to strip us of our rights so you can bring us to our knees.” — Mark Robinson

The Right to Bear Arms is Where it All Began for Mark Robinson

In 2018, Mark Robinson gave a fiery speech on the right to bear arms to the Greensboro, North Carolina city council. This impassioned oratory lit social media on fire and launched his political career.

Mark Robison’s 2018 address (above) went viral on social media and was the catalyst for his political career.

Mark Robinson Raised the Roof at NRA’s 2022 Conference

At the Greensboro city council meeting in 2018, Robinson began his 2nd Amendment address with, “I didn’t have time to write a fancy speech.” Well, this year he took the time to write such a speech. The following video shows what it looks like when he has the time to do so.

Watch Mark Robinson’s full address to the NRA’s 2022 convention audience. (above) 

Highlights From Mark Robinson’s Speech on the 2nd Amendment

To a roused crowd at the 2022 annual meeting of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Robinson publicly challenged the Far Left and their desire to infringe Americans’ right to own arms after the Robb Elementary school shooting.

Mark Robinson:

“And hear me when I say this to Leftist politicians in Washington D.C.:

“We need to make as much of an investment in protecting our children as the American people do in protecting you. You spared no expense buying every weapon known to man, buying every metal detector known to man, every modern convenience that you have at your diposal to protect you behind the walls that you live in. But you are bound and determined to leave our children defenseless. And now you are bound and determined to leave the law abiding patriotic citizen of this nation unarmed and defenseless.

“Well, I’m here to tell you right now, get your pencils out, lick them, and get ready to write this down: it is not going to happen. We are not going to go off into that ‘good night’ without standing up for our rights.

It’s time for the law abiding American patriot in this nation to stand up and say, ‘Hell No! We will not go! You will not take them!’ And, we will continue to stand strong for what we know is right!

“We will protect ourselves. We will protect our children. And we will protect the freedoms that God has given us and that has been enshrined in our Constitution.

“We will not lay down!”

In reference to the Robb Elementary school massacre, Robinson impugned the liberal cause for gun control,

“You will not tap dance on the graves of these children to disarm the people of this nation.”

Mark Robinson is the Epitome of Leadership

With each passing election, the Republican Party seeks solid leadership to advance on the ballot. Robinson is a great example of conservative stewardship, and he is a solid choice for the next governor of North Carolina. Let’s make it happen.

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