Rigging the Primaries: How Biden Clinched Florida Before Election Day

by | Dec 5, 2023 | News

Florida Democratic Party Made the Anti-Democratic Decision to Ban Presidential Challengers

In a move that goes against all democratic principles, the Florida Democratic Party Executive Committee announced they will be only placing President Joe Biden’s name on the primary ballot. A decision that not only sidelines challengers, but also cancels the Democratic presidential primary as the winner is already determined.

The Washington Post reports,

“With presidential primaries looming, there is only one name on the official list of Democratic presidential candidates in Florida — President Biden — a move that angered the incumbent’s long-shot challengers.”

Eden Giagnorio, a spokesperson for the Florida Democratic Party, stated to Politico last week, “There’s no requirement for presidential candidates to do anything to get on the ballot.” However, she added that there were no plans to add any more names to the approved candidate list they submit to the state — the sole person on the list is Joe Biden.

Presidential candidate Representative Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) released a statement regarding Florida GOP’s decision,

“Americans would expect the absence of democracy in Tehran, not Tallahassee. The intentional disenfranchisement of voters runs counter to everything for which our Democratic Party and country stand. Our mission as Democrats is to defeat authoritarians, not become them. In America, we the people choose those who represent us, not a handful of Party insiders seeking a coronation while preventing competition. That’s why I call on President Biden and Americans of all political affiliations to condemn and immediately address this blatant act of electoral corruption.”

As report by Politico, Phillips’ aides claim Florida Democrats are breaching national party rules, which stipulate that delegates to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) must reflect the primary voters’ presidential preferences or uncommitted status. A DNC spokesperson noted that they had previously offered guidance to the Phillips campaign on state party processes, but the campaign declined the offer. The spokesperson added that this assistance remains available to Phillips and other Democratic candidates.

Phillips’ senior advisor Jeff Weaver countered to DNC’s offering of assistance, “That’s very kind. I’m sure they would not have conceived of a situation where Florida would violate the party’s rules.”

In the Tradition of 2016: Donna Brazile’s Effort to Tilt the Scales of a Debate

This decision by Florida Democrats in is not isolated, but part of a trend within the Democratic Party. During this period, Donna Brazile, then a CNN contributor and vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee, faced criticism for a significant ethical breach: she provided Hillary Clinton’s campaign with questions in advance of a CNN debate against Bernie Sanders. Her action gave Clinton an unfair advantage, compromising the impartiality of the debate — and Brazile received no disciplinary action whatsoever. These incidents not only damage the party’s reputation but also erode long-term trust in the democratic process among voters.

(Below) In 2017, Tucker Carlson interviewed Donna Brazile about the debate questions passed to the Hillary Campaign.

As Jonathon Turley wrote this week,

“Under Florida law, if the party approves only one name, there will be no primary ballots at all. The party just called the election for Biden before a single vote has been cast.

“This is not unprecedented. It happened with Barack Obama in 2012 and, on the Republican side, with George W. Bush in 2004. It was wrong then, and it is wrong now.”

Democratic Party Cheating is a Nationwide Concern

Allegations of favoritism and unfair practices extend beyond Florida. Reports, including those from The Gateway Pundit, suggest similar tactics by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in primaries to favor incumbent candidates. In a telling interview on Forbes Newsroom with Diane Brady, 2024 Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused the DNC of enacting rules that obstruct a fair primary election. Kennedy’s statement highlights the gravity of the situation:

“They’ve made rules that if any candidate sets foot in the state of Iowa or sets foot in the state of New Hampshire, then none of the votes that are cast for that candidate will be tallied. In other words, any delegate that I win in New Hampshire or Iowa would go instead to the president.”

(Below) 2024 Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joins “Forbes Newsroom” to discuss the DNC, the 2024 Democratic primary process, and President Biden.

The integrity of the nomination process within both political parties is a vital indicator of the health of a democracy. As we reported in June, the North Carolina GOP has its own issues with intra-party elections. For both parties, there’s a need for rigorous self-examination and reform. For the sake of American democracy, it is imperative all voters, regardlesss of affiliation, demand that our parties uphold the highest standards in election principles: candidate impartiality and real accountability of party leaders.

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