Searching for Ethical Leadership: Why John Kane Needs to be the Next North Carolina GOP Chairman

by | Jun 7, 2023 | News Analysis, Commentary and Opinion

Our Brother’s Struggle is Our Struggle

Allow me to share a story with you. Just the other day, a heartfelt and lengthy letter arrived, addressed to a small group of America-First activists. The sender was a friend who has dedicated several years to championing our cause. Since the onset of the COVID shutdown, he has valiantly fought what we refer to as “the good fight against evil.” This phrase captures the unsettling reality of our social fabric gradually unraveling, demanding that we embrace twisted mental gymnastics while turning a blind eye to the truth and reality. Many of you reading this are all too familiar with this disconcerting situation.

In his letter, my friend poured out his anguish and despair, recounting the uphill battle he’s experienced. He tirelessly fights for basic common sense, striving to make a meaningful impact. However, what weighs heavily on his heart is the conduct of our “allied” Republican leaders. Rather than providing support and solidarity to grassroots activists like himself, they seem to invest their energies and resources in undermining and sabotaging the genuine efforts of Conservative grassroots—the very foundation of the righteous GOP rank-and-file.

This honorable man has dedicated a significant part of himself to our shared cause. Yet, he now finds himself on the brink of complete burnout. He articulates how the countless hours, financial investments, and personal sacrifices have taken a toll on his business, family, and overall well-being. His letter serves as both a cathartic release of his emotions and a heartfelt plea to us, the recipients, to take a moment to reflect on our own mental resilience amidst this seemingly unending battle against the forces seeking to fundamentally change our society and curtail our freedoms.

In the America First movement, many of us share his sentiments. We empathize with what some describe as being “Black Pilled.” It’s not a questioning of the righteousness of our cause or the identity of our adversaries. No, our distress stems from an unforeseen revelation. The very leaders within our Party, whom we entrusted to safeguard our ideals, have proven to be a Trojan Horse, deceiving us with their actions and hidden intentions.

My friend’s communiqué is a call to reassess our commitment, take care of our well-being, and reevaluate the leaders in whom we place our trust. This letter implores us to recognize the need for strategic adaptation within our America First movement, ensuring our principles endure and our voices resonate with unwavering conviction. We must remain vigilant and united.

It also serves as a warning, a canary in the coal mine, for our America First movement. It’s a wake-up call compelling us to adapt to the circumstances before us.

Brace yourselves for what I’m about to say for it might make you uneasy. However, it’s crucial that we confront the gravity of the situation and accept it head-on.

The current state of GOP leadership is nothing short of a Trojan Horse

We welcomed many leaders with open arms, unknowingly allowing left-of-center influence to infiltrate our ranks. Like a stealthy force, they entered and spread throughout our walled city, jeopardizing the foundation of our Conservative movement. We are aware that prominent GOP figures such as Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell have long displayed their disregard for the Republican platform and values. However, the threat brewing closer to home, right within our own local communities, is just as Machiavellian.

There are local leaders, bearing the coveted “R” next to their names, who have betrayed the principles we hold dear. They have shown complete contempt for the GOP Plan of Organization and Party Platform. They serve in their capacity as a means to an end, all while sacrificing the integrity of the party. The Republican Party deserves leaders who are genuine, transparent, and uphold the integrity of our values.

Accepting Left of Center Ideals and Condoning the Party Rot Within Needs to Stop

Cultural and ethical standards set the bar by which members conduct themselves. We need leadership to exercise their authority responsibly and in an accountable manner.

The GOP needs to confront a harsh reality: the brand is tarnished, and many perceive the Party to be as unethical as they accuse the Democrats of being. The urgency to address this lack of ethical behavior cannot be overstated. The trust that once bound the party is rapidly eroding and reflected in voter registration. For every three registered voters that leave the Democratic Party, only one registers as a Republican. This is not a resounding vote of confidence for the GOP; it represents a choice between two unsatisfactory options. More importantly, it’s the growing number of voters opting out of the party system altogether that indicates widespread disillusionment. It is paramount that we in the Republican Party take immediate action to restore trust, reestablish an ethical foundation, and regain the faith of our members and the American people.

Troubling State of Affairs: Accountability Urgently Needed for Mike Whatley and NC GOP Executives

The current situation under Mike Whatley and other NC GOP executives is deeply concerning and demands accountability.

  • It is truly alarming that individuals convicted of child molestation are not only allowed to hold positions of leadership but are also entrusted with genuine responsibility. This disregard for the safety and well-being of our communities is shocking.
  • The GOP’s condoning of candidates seeking endorsements from Communist-affliated organizations raises serious questions regarding their commitment to the Republican Party and preserving American values. This type of behavior is not only wrong, it puts our nation at risk. 
  • GOP leaders’ failure to conduct a serious investigation into election integrity raises concerns about their commitment to upholding democratic principles.
  • Mike Whatley’s leadership has left us with an unexpected twist: a RED state that votes like a PURPLE state on policies. Why don’t we have “Constitutional Carry” in North Carolina? Where were our elected officials when it came time to vote on the debt ceiling?
With this in mind, we extend our support to John Kane as the next North Carolina Republican Party Chairman.

In the following video, Sloan Rachmuth, Founder of Education First Alliance, and John Kane, Candidate for NC Republican Party, discuss unethical behavior under Mike Whatley’s North Carolina GOP Leadership. (Watch the complete interview)

Under John Kane the Party will Tackle the Hard Issue of Ethics

A serious commitment to ethical standards is imperative for the NCGOP. As state Chair, Kane intends to address the following:

Conflicts of interest

Avoiding conflicts of interest to ensure unbiased decision-making by political leaders is imperative. Any hint of a conflict of interest can cast doubt on their motivations and erode public confidence.

The recent appointment of Mike Whatley as the RNC’s legal counsel has raised valid concerns about a conflict of interest. Serving as both the North Carolina Republican Chairman and the National Republican Party’s legal counsel raises questions about his ability to impartially fulfill both roles. This dual responsibility brings into question the integrity and impartiality of the decisions he may make in either capacity.


Transparency is the foundation of ethical conduct, fostering trust through open and honest interactions. Embracing transparency breaks down barriers, encourages collaboration, and showcases a commitment to upholding ethical standards, earning the trust of the people.

WUNC reported that in December 2019, under Chairman Whatley’s watch, a North Carolina Republican Party staff member committed a data breach by downloading an email list containing personal details of over 65,000 conservatives statewide. Per WUNC, this incident has been referred to as the “largest breach of proprietary information in the history of the state party” by at least two GOP operatives. What exactly happened with this breach? What personal information was released? Who was affected?

Are NCGOP Party Leaders and Consultants Pitting the Donor Class Against the Grassroots to Justify their Jobs?

In the following Stew Peters interview, Kane talks about how Party officials pit the Donor class against volunteers to justify their worth.

Click on the following tweet to watch John Kane’s complete interview with Sloan Rachmuth.

Mike Whatley’s Conflicting Stance on Abortion Exposed

In this revealing video, Mike Whatley’s credibility as a pro-life advocate comes into question when Kane highlights Whatley’s statement linking Wisconsin Republicans’ Supreme Court loss to their pro-life stance. What does Whatley truly believe?

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