If Superintendent Catherine Truitt is So Conservative, Why Did She Pursue an Endorsement from a Communist-leaning Organization?

by | Mar 4, 2024 | News Analysis, Commentary and Opinion

(Above) North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt (left) sits next to New Hanover County Schools Superintendent Charles Foust at the July 2023 School Safety and Adolescent Mental Health Roundtable in Wilmington, North Carolina.

NC State Superintendent Truitt’s Pursuit of Endorsement from a Communist-leaning Group While Professing Conservative Ideals

State Superintendent Catherine Truitt has an incredible history of administrating Far Left initiatives in North Carolina public schools. In 2021, she introduced the CRT Intensive Spring 2021 conference for educators, a workshop designed to train teachers to be activist disruptors in schools because Critical Race Theorists allege the system is built on White Supremacy. Further, she led an initiative that brought about a statewide revision to social studies standards which mandated social justice themes. While these are just two examples of how the state superintendent is out of touch with core Republican values, her prolific advocacy for Radical Left Socialist policies in schools begs the question: Is she a true Conservative?

Republican voters should know that, during her 2020 run for NC State Superintendent’s office, Truitt sought an endorsement from the Durham People’s Alliance (PA), a far-left organization with historical and contemporary connections to Communists and the Communist Workers Party. By seeking an endorsement from such an organization, one would conclude that, as a candidate, she finds herself aligned with the group’s values and principles.

Truitt’s Response to PA’s 2020 Candidate Questionnaire

In her response, Truitt showed a strong committment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in education policymaking when she emphasized the importance of racial equity:

“A racial equity lens must be applied to all decisions made regarding education.”


“…leaders must make changes that reflect an understanding of the power of inclusivity and equity.”

(Below) Catherine Truitt’s statement on racial equity, as submitted on the Durham People’s Alliance questionnaire. 

Catherine Truitt fully supports DEI in her correspondence to People's Alliance

(Below) Catherine Truitt’s completed 6-page questionnaire submitted to the Durham People’s Alliance. Click images to enlarge.

page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
page 6

This document sheds light on the notably Socialist direction of policies under Truitt’s tenure, indicating that, despite her Republican affiliation, her actions resemble those of a Critical Race Theory (CRT) apologist. She certainly aligns with the faction of the Republican party known for its collectivist stance, similar to the approach taken by figures like Sen. Thom Tillis (who endorses her current candidacy) and RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. Conservative credentials are not something Truitt can tout. 

NOTE: A report revealed that, in 2021 and 2022,  State Superintendent Truitt was involved in an inappropriate allocation of $7 million from a federal grant. The funds were intended for the professional development of preschool educators for children with disabilities but were instead used to incorporate Critical Race Theory (CRT) into the training.

How did the GOP vet Catherine Truitt for her Superintendent run?

Prior to holding the state superintendent’s office, Truitt was a consultant for North Carolina governor Pat McCrory as his senior education advisor. She replaced Eric Guckian in 2015, who left to work at New York-based Leadership for Education Equity.

2016: Catherine Truitt’s Controversial Dialogue with NC Communist Leadership

In June of 2016, 14 people who represented the far left faction of the N.C. Association of Educators (NCAE), known as “NCAE Organize 2020 Racial & Social Justice Caucus” (also known as “Organize 2020“) were scheduled to meet Governor Cooper’s aides, Catherine Truitt and Jimmy Broughton. When the group arrived and found the door to the Capitol building locked, they began a protest which led to their arrests.

The News & Observer reported at the time that Truitt and Broughton did meet leaders of the group while the protest was happening.

“We found them with locked arms in the middle of a rush-hour intersection,” Governor MCrory’s spokesperson said. “We usually prefer not to hold meetings in the intersection of a main road.”

Among the members of this group that met Catherine Truitt were well-known Communist leaders Bryan Proffitt and Sendolo Diaminah. Both men have strong bonds with People’s Alliance. Diaminah was PA’s community organizer, and Proffitt was the lead education organizer. Diaminah is now co-director of Carolina Federation (another known Communist-leaning organization) and Proffitt serves as vice president of North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE).

(Below) Photo taken shortly after the last of the arrested protesters were released from Wake County Detention for impeding traffic and resisting an officer the day they were supposed to meet Catherine Truitt. Known Communist leaders Brayn Proffitt and Sendolo Diaminah are identified in this group.

Catherine Truitt Bryan Proffitt and Sendolo Diaminah 2016 arrest

(Below) Video shows how committed far-left activist Sendolo Diaminah is to integrating Communist ideals in North Carolina’s educational framework.

(Below) A video promoted by Organize 2020 on their “Resources” webpage. This promotional piece can easily be repuposed by any Radical Left Socialist or Communist organization.

What is The Durham People’s Alliance?

The PA is an ultra-left organization founded in 1975. Wikipedia describes them as a “grassroots consumer watchdog.” While this may be true, it doesn’t change that they began as a Communist-leaning organization and continue to be one to this day. The following document about the formation of an organization called NCOSH (short for ‘North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health), written by a North Carolina State University academic, sheds light on the beginning of PA and their cross-over membership with the Communist Workers Party.

Click image below to open

Formation of NCOSH

(Below) A 1980 piece by the Legal Alliance for Greensboro Justice on Tom Clark, an early member of the Durham People’s Alliance and advocate for the Communist Worker’s Party, detailing his refusal to testify in a trial involving the shooting of Communist party members. Included in this piece is Clark’s declaration of his enduring support for the Communist Worker’s Party.

Click image below to open

Newsletter, vol. 1, no. 2, Legal Alliance

Will there Be Another Four Years of Truitt’s DEI Policymaking?

Superintendent Catherine Truitt’s tenure raises questions about her alignment with Conservative values, given her advocacy for policies that echo far-left ideologies and her pursuit of endorsement from the Durham People’s Alliance. Conservative voters have an important decision to make in the Primary this Tuesday, March 5th. Their choice will be to vote for another four years of Truitt’s DEI-focused agenda, or they can elect an authentic Conservative with Michele Morrow. The consensus among North Carolina Conservatives is that Morrow represents the favored choice this election.

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