Tiffany Gomas’ Crazy Plane Incident: A Riddle Wrapped in Mystery Inside an Enigma

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Best of the Web, News Analysis, Commentary and Opinion

Security Concerns and Unanswered Questions: Unraveling Tiffany Gomas’ Airplane Incident

On July 2, a scene unfolded on an American Airlines flight headed from Dallas to Orlando that quickly garnered attention of the nation. The incident involved 38-year-old marketing executive Tiffany Gomas, who has since been nicknamed the “crazy plane lady” after an erratic rant targeting a fellow passenger and airline employees. This past weekend, additional footage of the incident was unveiled, together with Gomas’s apology and a scrutinizing security analysis by a journalist. Added information has further deepened the intrigue surrounding the event.

The situation erupted when Gomas went berserk as the plane taxied along the runway, preparing for takeoff. Videos that spread like wildfire on the internet captured her desperately screaming, “Stop the plane! Stop the plane!” Her demands to disembark were accentuated with a barrage of adult language. The situation came to a crescendo when she was about to exit the plane, she turned around, pointed to another passenger many rows back and vehemently stated, “I don’t give two f@cks, but I am telling you right now – that motherf@cker back there is not real.”

The incident attracted a myriad of interpretations from social media users. Some were struck by the distinctive, high-pitched, and cracking tone of her voice, reminiscent of someone who had just seen a ghost. Others were taken aback by the authenticity of her body language, emphasizing her urgent desire to exit the plane even at the expense of leaving behind her expensive handbags. The earnestness with which she wanted to leave the plane, disregarding her possessions, left many opining the reasons for her actions.

(Below) The following is a montage of videos of Tiffany Gomas’ behavior as the plane was taxing at DFW. Flight crew and passengers were unable to calm Gomas, leading to her being escorted off the plane.

The Aftermath at the Airport

After her removal from the flight, Gomas’ tirade continued inside the airport, where she warned that the flight was in danger. A police officer was summoned to escort her out, and during this interaction, a citation was issued, though Gomas refused to sign it.

Police Bodycam Footage

Released bodycam footage from police officers at the airport reveals Gomas expressing genuine fear for the passengers on the flight. Her insistence that the plane not leave the airport and her refusal to reboard suggest a deep concern for the well-being of those onboard. This behavior is in stark contrast to reports that she wanted to get back on the flight.

(Below) In the following police bodycam video, Gomas shows anxiety that something will happen to the plane.

(Below) In the following bodycam video, Gomas expresses concern that the plane she was on was poised to “blow up.”

Gomas’ Apology and Unanswered Questions

An apology for her behavior was also released last weekend. Her emotional video apology was filled with regret, but notably, she did not explain what she saw or experienced that triggered her extraordinary reaction.

This omission leaves a significant gap in the understanding of the incident and has led to increased speculation and interest in what may have caused her outburst.

Concerns Raised by Journalist Bree Adail

Bree Adail — a journalist who focuses on military, public policy, and the Catholic Church — has raised serious concerns about the security response to the incident. She points out that neither Gomas nor any of the other passengers were questioned by authorities about what happened after they were deboarded. This absence of investigation calls into question the rigor of security measures at this major airport.

The following video is Adail interviewed by Emerald Robinson. The fact that no journalist, other than Adail, is investigating this event is surprising.


With key questions still lingering and new information coming to light, there is certainly more to come in this intriguing saga. 

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