TURNCOAT EXPOSED: Bob Orr, Former GOP NC Supreme Court Justice & Gubernatorial Candidate

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Best of the Web, North Carolina

Retired Justice Robert Orr, a Republican Traitor

Today, The North State Journal reports that former Republican Supreme Court Justice Robert F. Orr, made frequent donations to Democratic candidates and the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project — the organization has witnessed an exodus of executives and top advisors in recent days in the wake of a multiple sexual harassment and child grooming allegations by its founder, John Weaver.

Orr was a delegate representing the State of North Carolina at the 2016 National Republican Convention.

Robert F. Orr, retired North Carolina Supreme Court Associate Justice

North State Journal Exposes Robert “Bob” Orr

As reported by The North State Journal:

A former Republican N.C. Supreme Court justice and GOP gubernatorial candidate has made frequent donations to Democrats and aligned with anti-Republican groups in recent years, according to campaign reports. Retired Associate Justice Robert F. Orr, first elected as a Republican in 1994, is now a fierce critic of the party and former President Donald Trump.

Orr’s largest donations to Democrats included President Joe Biden and two unsuccessful Democratic congressional candidates, Pat Timmons-Goodson and Dan McCready. He appeared on a fundraising invitation for McCready in 2019.

In the 2016 presidential election, Orr was a North Carolina delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where he was pledged to support former Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Orr was also Kasich’s state campaign chairman.

Justice Orr Leaves Republican Party

In a 2018, the Charlotte Observer reported that Orr was a critic of the Republican Party, that it was beholden to the NRA. After President Trump’s second impeachment trail acquittal, Orr changed his political affiliation from Republican to Unaffiliated.

Tim Wigginton Comments on Bob Orr’s Faithless Behavior

North State Journal reached out to the N.C. Republican Party for comment:

North Carolina Republican Party communications director Tim Wigginton told NSJ, “Who’s that guy? At the North Carolina Republican Party, we are focused on winning elections and getting results.”

“I don’t have time to pay attention to irrelevant Twitter trolls who have no impact of North Carolina politics,” he added.

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